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Work done by Valenti Gual Vilà, Doctor of History and Professor of Modern History at the University of Barcelona.

Rocafort de Queralt, April 2, 1996


SP: Santa Perpétua de Gaiá
SCQ: Santa Coloma de Queralt
=: marriage
b.: baptized / a
alb.: dead child (before the use of reason)
fdí.: boy, unmarried
C.M. marriage contract.

Catalan of the period as stated in the original document:

Vui a 4 de desembre 1611 foren acabades les tres monestacions sobre lo matrimoni faedor de una part ab Pere de Horga del regne de Fransa del loch de Lui bisbat de Tarba fill de Joan de Horga y de sa muler Maria diffunts ab Caterina donsella filla de Andreu Clarassó difunt del loch de Sta. Perpetua y de Angela sa muller vivint de part altra y no trobantse ningun impediment per a que dit matrimoni no dega tenir son degut effecte son estats espossats ab lisensia de mon señor Illm. don Joan Vich per mi Rafel Saua rector de Sta. Perpetua vui a 18 de desembre 1611, prengeren benedictio los sobredit en la iglessia de Sta. Perpetua vui a 16 de gener 1612.

English translation:

Today at 4 December 1611 ended the three warnings about the maker marriage with Pere part of the kingdom of France Horga Place Lui bishopric of Tarba son of Joan of Horga and his wife Maria died with maiden daughter Caterina Andreu it Clarassó deceased from the place of Santa Perpetua and Angela his wife live elsewhere and not finding any impediment to the said marriage has the effect because they are married to Bishop Ilm license. Don Joan Vich for Saua Rafel pastor of St. Perpetua server today at 18 December 1611, taking the benediction said in the church of Santa Perpetua today January 16, 1612.


-Pere de (H) orga, from the kingdom of France, place d'Hui, Bishopric of Tarba, son of Joan and Mary, deceased. -Caterina Clarasó, maiden, daughter of Andreu and Angela, live, from Santa Perpetua. (= SP)

JOAN b.11.14.1612 = Caterina Mestre
Magdalena b.10.19.1614 = Joan Requesens
Caterina b.02.14.1616 = Antoni Roig
Maria b.08.26.1618
Pere Pau b.02.16.1621 = Maria Gual
Coloma Paula b.05.14.1624
Isidre Domènec b.05.28.1628 fadrí14.01.1648
Pere de (H) orga va morir el 03.14.1630.
Caterina Clarasó el 11.05.1629.
-Joan Orga Clarasó, farmer, son of Pere and Caterina, deceased.
(=SP) -Caterina Mestre, maiden, daughter of Jaume and Caterina, live, Cabra. .
Caterina Margarida Magdalena b09.10.1634
Pere Jerònim Pau b10.05.1636 = Isabel Palau Susanna Paula b.13.01.1639
Joan Pau Miquel b.09.30.1640
Jaume Joan Josep b.10.26.1642 alb.29.06.1645
Maria Magdalena Gregòria b.03.14.1645 = Joan Boada
Anna Magdalena b.07.02.1647 = Magí Gibert Maria Paula b.24.02.1649
Antoni Joan Francesc b.05.03.1651
ANDREU Joan b.04.21.1653 = Josepa Palau Damià
Joan Sebastià b.14.04.1655 alb.04.09.1655
Eugènia Josepa b.03.21.1658
Joan Orga Clarasó morí l'07.11.1696.
Caterina Mestre el 03.08.1682.
- Andreu Orga Mestre,unmarried, son of Joan and Caterina. (=SP)
-Josepa Palau Grau,unmarried, daughter of Josep and Simona, from Sudanell (bishopric of Lleida).
Felip Andreu Joan b.10.14.1683 alb.09.02.1685
Rafela Teresa Raimunda b.04.15.1686
Maria Josepa Isabel b.11.03.1688 Josep Martí Felip b.13.11.1689
JERONI Josep Francesc b.10.04.1693 = Maria Àngela Canaleta
Maria Anna Antònia Teresa b.14.06.1696
Jacint Miquel Francesc b.08.24.1700
Magdalena Antònia Raimunda b.06.17.1703
Joan Ventura b.31.01.1706 unmarried 11.14.1782
Andreu Orga Mestre era conegut com "de baix".
Josepa Palau Grau death on el 04.261755

-Jeroni Orga Palau, son of Andreu and Josepa.-Maria Àngela Canaleta

Jacint = Maria Civit Fabregat
Francesc ò.12.02.1799 = Maria Mestre Bargalló
Josepa b.circa 1734 alb.03.21.1779 (45 a.)
ANTON = Teresa Armajach Llorach Pau fadrí10.19.1769
Maria = Francesc Bonet Messeguer
Jeroni Orga Palau died on 08.20.1768
"Note as the inheritor of the deceased refused to bury the corps of his father until two days, when Anton Savall pastor, told him not to do this nonsense, that the stench excessive heat get out them home, and so was middle of the night of the second day they fled every home and yet those who helped them with oil gin, rue and wormwood were colorless and almost meaningless, as the pastor not log in the corps in church not to cause plague the poor who attended, buried before trades Mariano Soler Reverend pastor of Pontils, full of zeal and charity, even so, the good priest also lost color "
-Anton Orga Canaleta, unmarried, farmer, de SP, son of Jeroni i de Maria (=SP) Àngela, deceased, of Santa Perpètua. -Teresa Armajach Llorach,maiden, daughter of Salvador and Teresa, living, from Santa Perpètua.
Maria Teresa Josepa b.09.22.1775 = Jaume. Amatller Pons
Maria Susanna Teresa b.05.22.1778 = Francesc Vidal Sanahuja
Maria Àngela Susanna Josepa b.07.29.1781
MANUEL Magí Josep b01.12.1785=Rosalia Casulleres/Teresa Clarasó
Caterina Magina Teresa b.04.30.1788 alb.10.19.1790

- Manuel Orga Armajach, unmarried, farmer, son of Anton and Teresa, lives. (=SP) -Rosalia Casulleres Arnabat, doncella de Vallespinosa, dauhter of Magí and Magina, lives, from Vermellà.

Anton Josep Ramon b.26.06.814 alb.15.10.816 Rosalia Casulleres Arnabat died on 05.14.1817
-Manuel Orga Armajach, vodower of Rosalia Casulleres, son of 'Anton and Teresa. (=SP) -Teresa Clarasó Batet, maiden, daughter of Ramon, de Montalegre, and Maria, from Valldeperes.
RAMON Magí Pau b.12.04.1821 = Magina Armajach Prats
Teresa Clarasó Batet falleció el 09.23.1860.
-Ramon Orga Clarasó, boy unmarried, son of Manuel and Teresa, lives. (=SP) -Magina Armajach Prats, maiden, daughter of Magí, from Santa Perpètua, and Maria, from Santa Coloma de Queralt.
Magina Teresa Susanna b.04.04.1841 alb.09.14.1843
Teresa Maria Magina b.04.02.1843
Magina Francesca Maria b.11.28.1845
Joan Josep Magí b.11.24.1847
Francesc Joan Jaume b.02.19.1850 alb.03.20.1853
Josep Marià Jaume b.10.10.1852
Pau Josep Francesc b.01.01.1856
Magina Josepa Rafela b.10.23.1858 alb.11.11.1858
Magí Joan Marià b.02.01.1861 alb.19.07.1862
PERE Joan Manuel b.12:30.1865 = Rosa Orga Gual
Baptisme 1861. Ramon Orga Clarasó (a) "from home lo Antonillo"
-Pere Orga Armajach, son of Ramon and Magina. (C.M.) -Rosa Orga Gual, daughter of Josep Orga Bartolí and Josepa Gual Pontnou, neighbors from Vallespinosa.
RAMON Josep Just b.08.08.1887 = Enriqueta Torrent Sierra
Josep Magí Manuel b.05.02.1890 = Maria Orga Solé Teresa
Maria Manuela b.12.29.1891 = Josep Forné Busquet
Anna Josepa Ramona b.11.04.1894 = Joan Forné Felip
Daniel Pau Joan b.05.28.1902
Pere Orga Armajach death onl 12.23.1944.
Rosa Orga Gual death on 09.23.1926.
-Ramon Orga Orga, son of Pere and Rosa.
(=SCQ) -Enriqueta Torrent Sierra, daughter of Antoni Torrent Roset, from Sant Martí de Provençals, y de Andrea Sierra, from Muel (Zaragoza).
Rosa Andrea Josepa n.06.08.1913 = Ramon Oranias Vilanova
PERE Jaume Salvador n.01.10.1921 = Antònia Mestre Tarragó
Jaume Josep Francesc n.23.02.1926 = Anna M. Domingo Tarragó
Ramon Orga Orga death on 06,11.1974
Enriqueta Torrent Sierra death onl10.17.1976
Rosa Orga Torrent death onl 02.15.1992
Jaume Orga Torrent death on 10.18.1992
Antònia Mestre Tarragó death on 10.30.2009
Pere Orga Torrent death on 11.10.2014
-Pere Orga Torrent, son of Ramon y Enriqueta. (=SCQ) -Antònia Mestre Tarragó, daughter of Josep Mestre Rabell and Josepa Tarragó Palau, from Sant Gallard.
Maria Josefina Enriqueta Coloma n.04.19.1947 = Jaume Casas Orriach
RAMON Joan Josep n.05,01.1949 = Núria Esteve Batet
Jaume Joan Ramon n.01.02.1960 = Concepció Vidal Morera
Jaume Casas Orriach death on 11.05.1997
-Ramon Orga Mestre, son of Pere and Antònia (=SCQ) -Núria Esteve Batet, daughter of Marià from Vilafranca del Penedès andTrinitat from Les Cases Noves de Ca'n Pardo, Sant Joan de Mediona
Ariadna n.06.27.1984 = Mahmoud Ahmed Abdala
PERE   n.02.21.1987

- Ariadna Orga Esteve, daughter de Ramon i Núria (= El Caire Egipte) - Mahmoud Ahmed Abdala son of Ahmed and Khairia fromKom Ombo - Aswan Egipte

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